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Established in 2009 to facilitate the new trading opportunities arising from the EU ETS, ACT helps businesses worldwide reduce their carbon footprints quickly and cost-effectively through buying and selling environmental commodities for compliance and voluntary purposes. Demand for this service had led the business to grow rapidly in terms of clients, turnover and product range, with offices now located in Amsterdam, New York and Shanghai.

As the global leader in trading environmental commodities, ACT offers unrivalled choice, service and reliability, offering a diverse international portfolio of certificates and physical energy commodities products. ACT trades certificates for carbon emissions, renewable energy and energy efficiency, as well as physical biodiesel, feedstock, oleochemicals and oils and petroleum products. Access to a broad suite of environment-related commodities enables companies to satisfy compliance requirements and meet voluntary sustainability goals.

Sustainable solutions and renewable energy sources play a vital role in corporate responsibility. For many organizations, a well-defined corporate sustainability strategy has become essential to remain competitive. Recognising this, ACT works closely with teams to define the best strategy and creates customized solutions to meet environmental goals for each unique situation.

ACT is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Visit www.actcommodities.com.

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Commerg is a leading broker of Energy Tracking Certificates since 2014, settling the prices for Guarantees of Origin since 2017 for more than 300+ companies. Its platform is a pioneer for pricing, reporting and trading solutions. With a pan-European coverage, Commerg serves efficiently all trading needs of energy companies, trading houses, utilities and corporations in the field of Energy Attributes certificates and Carbon Offset. Visit www.commerg.com.

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With long-standing experience as a provider of carbon neutral and green energy services, First Climate supports private and public sector clients all over the world, including many RE100 signatories, to achieve their sustainability goals. We provide tailored services to develop and implement global renewable energy procurement strategies, which meet CDP requirements and the GHG Protocol guidelines. By leveraging strong business ties to green energy producers all around the globe, First Climate offers individual procurement options for all kinds of green energy products, including global sourcing of Energy Attribute Certificates, and supports corporates in sourcing renewable energy through PPAs or self-generation.

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ICAP Energy AS, part of TP ICAP Group, is a leading voice broker covering the renewable certificate markets and energy markets in Europe since early 2000. Achieving our potential will mean commitment, belief and an open mind. These qualities are expressed in our brand values.

Dynamic. Agile and adaptable; creative and forward-thinking; innovating and implementing change

Expert. Informed, proactive leaders in our fields

Engaging. Working closely with our clients we form strong personal relationships built on mutual respect and trust

Professional. Demonstrating impeccable integrity; delivering high quality, high value services

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STX Commodities is an expert at providing market access and creating liquidity in the dynamic, yet illiquid, environmental commodities markets. As the pioneering market entrant, our international team is uniquely positioned to consult on the dynamics of both local and macro European and Global markets. This enables us to offer our clients, whether Renewable Generators or Industrials, Utilities or Corporates, bespoke solutions and deal structures to achieve their voluntary and compliance targets.

Visit www.stxcommodities.com.